IDS Associates Limited

We founded IDS Associates Limited in 2008 by combining the professional approach of management consulting with the domain knowledge of Financial Services. We are a consulting boutique focused on the Financial Services industry and we work with our customers throughout Asia and Europe to effectively ensure the identification, design and implementation of customised solutions that enable them to deal adequately and promptly with the challenges of the market they operate.

Relying on our strong sectoral skills (including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Investor Services, Insurance, Credit), we support clients in the management of end-to-end transformation, collaborating in the analysis and delivery of the right solution. From our offices in Hong Kong, we are constantly striving to enrich our pool of skills, in line with the evolution and needs of the financial services market across Europe.

Our team is staffed by enthusiastic people, eager to invest time and passion in their professional development. A growth marked by the acquisition of new skills and experiences, in a stimulating and engaging working environment, full of challenges and possibilities. It is a long-term journey which requires a commitment and dedication of be the best you can be..